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Corpus Christi Surrounding Area AA Meetings

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Group Name Meeting Location Phone Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Alice 3001 Old Kingsville Rd 661-0415668-1336 OD 8:00P OD 8:00P  * * * * *
Aransas Pass  202 South 10th St at Yoakum(1st Fri. Birthday–Pot Luck @ 7P-

Mtg @ 8P)       

332-9421  OD Noon


OSS 8:00 PM

 OD Noon

WCD 6:00 PM

OD 8:00P

 OD   Noon


OBB 8:00P

OD 7:30 AM OD Noon

WOD 6:00 P

OD 8:00P

OD Noon 

OD 8:00P

 OD Noon


OD 8:00P

 OD Noon


OD 8:00P

Beeville   (Hope Group) 1301 S. Adams OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD  8:00P OD  9:30A (Bilingual)
Beeville  (FreedomGroup) 1301 S. Adams OD Noon OD  Noon
Beeville  (Happy Joyous & Free) 106 E. Cleveland (First United Methodist Church) OD 8:00 PM
Beeville  (SerenityGroup) 908 N. Washington  (Sat) OS 8:00P
Beeville  (Shepherd’sGroup) 106 E. Cleveland(First United Methodist Church) 1st Fri. Bus. & BD Meetings (512) 803-6486 OD Noon  OD Noon OD  8:00P
Falfurrias (Second Chance Group) Maranatha Assembly of God  100 Negri St at W. 285. 455-1108 * * OD 8:00P
 Freer Civic Center 608 Carolyn Use West Entrance  279-9307  OD 7:00P
George West  (Hard Core Group) 807 N. San Antonio 449-0382 CD 7:00P
Ingleside (Living Sober Group) 2414 Main St (Our Lady of Assumption RCC 8:00 PM
Kingsville (Al-K Grp) 819 N. Third St. (Last Thurs 8:00 P BirthdayNight) 592-5385 *OD 8:00P OD Noon BB Noon *OD 8:00P ** SS Noon *
Kingsville (Un/La Vez) 819 N. Third St.  OD 7:00PM-(Spanish)  
Mathis ( Crossroads) Route 359 South 1-1/2 Miles outside Mathis (Masonic Lodge) BB 7:00P OD 7:00P
Mathis (Unity Group) 420 S Duval (1st Meth Ch) BB 7:00 PM
Port Aransas(In pavilion behind church) 433 Trojan (Trinity By the Sea Episcopal Church) 537-0611  OBB 8:00P OD 8:00P  OD 8:00P  OSS 8:00P  OD 8:00P OD 8:00P  OD 8:00P
Port A Day Trippers 100 N. Station Street(St. Joseph’s Church Parrish Hall) 944-8500 OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon
   Port A (Serenity Sisters) 433 Trojan (Trinity By the Sea Episcopal Church) 749-1813 WCD 8:00 P
Portland (JaywalkersGroup)  4545 Wildcat (Portland Methodist Church) 876-0144 & 960-3346   OBB 7:00P  Brick building behind church  *
Portland AA Meetings 822 Denver Portland TX (Trident Club) 238-0714 OD Noon N-OD 7:00P
Portland (Nueces BayGroup) 822 Denver Portland TX(Trident Club) 210-445-9000 CD 6:30P OD 8:00P OSS 8:00PLast Sat OS  OD 5 PM
  Premont   330 SE 4th ST (Hidalgo Baptist) 455-1108 OD 8:00P
Refugio 606 Commerce St (City Hall)  319-2115 OD 8:00P
Riviera   (Sasto Group) Kleberg Co. Bldg (RearEnt.) 103 N. 7th St. OD 6:00P
Robstown (Desire Group) 115 East Ave B (1st Presbyterian Church) 387-5883 OD 7:00P OD 7:00P  OD 7:00P
Rockport  (Anything Goes Group) Varies OD 7:00PLiterature

814 Wharf

OD 7:00P814 Wharf OD 9:00A1104E Concho

(Womens Club)

Rockport (Fellowship) 814 Wharf St. OD 8:00AOD Noon

ON 5:30P

OD 7:00P

OD    8:00ACBB  Noon

WCD 6:00P

SS     7:30P

OD 8:00AOD Noon OD 8:00AOD Noon OD 8:00AOD Noon

OD 7:00P


OD 8:00AOD Noon

OS 7:00P

 OD    Noon

MCD 6:00P

Rockport(Happy Hour) 1302 Market(Peace Lutheran Church)

 1st Fri. BD Meeting

CD  5:30P CD  5:30P OD  5:30P
San Diego 212 E. Gravis 279-8828 OD 8:00P
Sandia  (Sandia Group) Sandia Fire Station 547-5166 OSS  7:00P
Sinton  (SegundaChanza) 215 Sodville (Grace Christian Church) *Bilingual* 437-9456 OD 8:00P OD  8:00P
Sinton (Turning Point)  215 Sodville (Grace Christian Church)  OD Noon
Skidmore  (SkidmoreGroup) 300 East Sullivan (512) 803-6486 OD 7:00P OD 7:00P
Three Rivers (Choke Canyon Group) 201 East Church Street ( First United Methodist Church ) 815-3239;809-7185 OBB 7:00P OD 7:00P  *



AbbreviationsO as prefix-Open to all interested, C-as prefix-Closed (for AA members and those with a drinking problem and a “desire to stop” only), OD-Open Discussion, CD-Closed Discussion,  OS-Open Speaker, CS-Closed Speaker, SS-Step Study, BB-Big Book Study, SP-Spanish, BI-Bilingual, W-Women’s Mtg, GV-Grapevine Mtg, LS-Literature Study Mtg, N-Newcomer.   ***For Additional information/corrections/updates contact: CBIA at 361-992-8911 or e-mail cbia@grandecom.net**