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City of Corpus Christi AA Meetings

CBIA, 3833 S. Staples, S-212 CC, TX 78411    Phone: 361-992-8911    TX Toll Free: (866) 672-7029)    Updated: 8.11.2015

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Group Location Phone Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
24 Hour 302 S. Brownlee * CD Noon CD Noon * CD Noon * CD Noon CD Noon CD
164 Group Wenholtz House
1200 10th Street
OD 8:00P
Alanos 1635 18th St.
(Alanos Cottage)
OD Noon
OD 8:00P
OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon      OD 8:00P *See Primer Paso and Crosstown Group OD 11:00A
Bookmarks (1st Monday is Step Study) 7001 Williams (Covenant Bapt) OLS 6:00P
OLS 6:00P
Calallen Group 11425 Leopard St.
(Pass It On Clubhouse)
249-6477 OD Noon OD 8:00P OD Noon CSS 8:00P OD Noon OD 6:30P OD NoonCBB 8:00P OD Noon OD 8:00P OD Noon OD 6:30P OD 10:00A OD 6:30P
Campfire Mtg 2840 S. Alameda
(Home Sweet Home)
   OD 7:30P
Clean/Serene(GLBT) 3026 S. Staples
(Pantry Bldg behind All Saints Episcopal)
OD 8:00P
Crosstown 1635 18th St.
(Alanos Cottage)
OD 4:00P
Cullen Mall 3707 Santa Fe
(Scout Hut behind Parkway Presby.)
OD 8:00P OD 8:00P  CD 8:00P
Daily Reprieve 7001 Williams
(Covenant Church)
OD 7:00P
Dorothy’s Group 900 S. Shoreline
(First United MethodistChurch) Room 241) 
WOD Noon
Early Morning
3026 S. Staples
(All Saints Episcopal Church)
BB 6:30A OD 6:30A BB 6:30A
Eleventh Step Group 320 Anchor Street
(Anchor Clubhouse in Flour Bluff
OD 10:00A   OD 10:00A
Fellowship (Charlie’s) 5501 IH37 at McBride Lane (Charlie’s Place) OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OS 11:00A
Fifth Tradition
(1st Sat. BD’s potluck after.)
210 S Carrizo
(Dorothy Day House)
429-6580 OD 6:00P OD 6:00P OD 6:00P
Flour Bluff Unity 320 Anchor Street
Anchor Clubhouse 1st Sat. Potluck @ 7P
BD Meeting at 8 P
2nd Sun Group Cons.       @ 12:15 PM
937-0005    OD Noon    CBB 8:00P  OD Noon* WOSS
OD Noon
OD 8:00P
 OD Noon * OD Noon
OD 8:00P
OD Noon OD8:00P OD 11:00A
OD 6:00P
Fresh Start Group 5902 Kostoryz OD Noon OD Noon
Friday Night Speaker Mtg. 4710 S. Alameda (South Shore Christian) OS 8:00P
Happy Hour 3115 Ocean Dr.
(First Baptist Church Rm 268)
OD 5:30P
Hilltoppers 900 S. Shoreline
(First United MethodistChurch Rm 245)
OD NoonOD 5:30P OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon
Humility  2777D S Staples at Annapolis (Bel Air Center)  884-1880  OD Noon OD – 5:30POD – 8:00P  OD  NoonOD – 5:30P SS – 8:00P           OD – Noon OD – 5:30P OD – 8:00P  OD Noon,  OD 5:30P  OD 8:00P      OD Noon OD-5:30P  OD 8:00P  OD – 7:00      OD – Noon     OD – 5:30P    OD – 8:00P(Last Sat. is BD Night. Others Candlelight.)  OD-7:00AOD-Noon,WOD3:00POD-5:30P OD-8:00P
Just For Today 4610 Kostoryz
(Club Boardwalk Next to Rose King)
814-7171Smoking                    OD Noon SS 5:30P OLS 8:00P (Literature)                    OD Noon    CD 5:30P   OD 8:00P                   OD Noon  BB  5:30P  OD 8:00P                        OD Noon OD 5:30P OD 8:00P                    OD Noon  OD 5:30POD 8:00 P  OD 2:00POD 8:00P OD 10:00P(Candlelight)               OD 1PM  3rd  Sun OS 1PM
Men’s Meeting 3026 S. Staples
(Pantry Bldg behind All Saints Episcopal Church)
MCBB 7:00P
Mountain Toppers 3707 Santa Fe
(Scout Hut behind Parkway Presb Ch.)
New Freedom 901 Brawner Pky
(Unity by the Sea)
OD 11:00 AM
New Life Group 3502 Saratoga
(Most Precious Blood Church) 
Family CenterRoom C-2 CD 8:00P
New Phoenix Group 5433 S. Staples, Ste F (Boardwalk)
1st Sat 7 Potluck
8 BD’s
Last Sun 2P Grp Consc
OLS 6:30ACD Noon OD 6:00P OD 8:00P OLS 6:30AOD Noon CBB6:00P CD8:00P OLS 6:30ACD Noon OD 6:00P CBB8:00P OLS 6:30A OD Noon      OD 6:00P    CSS 8:00P OLS 6:30ACBB NoonCD 6:00POD 8:00P OLS 7:00AOD NoonOD 6:00P  OS 8:00P OLS 7:00ACD-NoonODN 6:00POD 8:00P
New Women’s Group 5300 S. Alameda
(St. John’s Meth.-
Please No Children at  Mtg WOD 7:00P WOD 11:00A
NewcomerMeeting 3026 S. Staples
( All Saints Episcopal Church )
OD 6:30 P
Nueva Esperanza(Spanish) 1112 Morgan St.
( 4:00PM Sunday 12 Step  Committee Meeting )
Smoking OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD NoonOD 8:00P OD NoonOD 8:00P
Oso Group 3401 Santa Fe
(First Christian Church-Fellowship Hall )
 CD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 8:00P
Primary Purpose Wenholtz House1200 10th Street 452-0591 OD 6:00P
Primer Paso(Bilingual) 1635 18th St. OD 8:00P CD Noon
Rodd Field 6629 Wooldridge Rd (Bayview Behavioral Hospital  ) BB 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 7:00P
Saratoga Group 6606 Weber Road Room 16
(Community of Faith Church)
OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon OD Noon
Stay Thirsty 5633 S. Staples Suite 700 355-1148 OD Noon OD Noon
Serenidad  (Spanish)   408 Brownlee OD 8:00 P OD
8:00 P
Sunset 7 Group
(North Padre Island)
14030 Fortuna Bay (Presbyterian Church)   OD 7:00P OD
OD 7:00P OD 8:00AM
Beach Meeting (Boardwalk at Padre Balli Park)
1015 S. Port OD 8:00P OD 8:00P OD 6:00P OD 6:00P
Turning Point(Last Sat. BD’s) 3026 S. Staples(Pantry Building behind All Saints) OLS 6:30P(Literature) OD 6:30P
Veterans  205 S Enterprize Pky Room 254(Specialty Outpatient Clinic) (512) 803-6486 OD 11:00 AM
Weber Nooners 5802 Weber Rd at Schanen(Travis Baptist Church) OD Noon OD Noon OD 5:30P OD NoonBB 5:30P BB/SS Noon OD 5:30P OD Noon OD 10:00A OD Noon
Wenholz Women 301 King Street (Wenholz Women’s House) WBB 6:00 P  


  • Oas prefix=Open to all interested;
  • C as prefix=Closed (for AA members and those with a drinking problem and a “desire to stop” only); 
  • OD-Open Discussion;
  • CD-Closed Discussion,
  • OS-Open Speaker,
  • CS-Closed Speaker,
  • SS-Step Study,
  • BB-Big Book Study,
  • W-Women’s Mtg,
  • M-Men’s Mtg,
  • LS-Literature Study,
  • GV-Grapevine Mtg,
  • SP-Spanish Speaking Mtg,
  • -Bilingual Mtg,
  • N-Newcomer
  • ***For Additional information/corrections/updates contact: