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Boletines Informativos

The Coastal BENDER

Coastal BENDER Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is to carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic. A secondary purpose of The Bender is to keep the CBIA Area of South Texas informed as to the events, meeting changes, Board of Trustee actions / decisions, and other news of interest to AA’s in the area. Finally, as a newsletter we provide a forum for the broad spectrum of views held by our members. Publication of any article submitted will be at the discretion of the Bender Editor as advised by the CBIA Board. A controversial subject, as long as it does not concern an outside issue and involves principles and not personalities, will be considered for publication. As a general guideline, any letter or article that is of interest to members of AA and in good taste is worthy of publication. However, an article or letter that advocates ignoring or violating the Traditions, Concepts, or General Service Conference actions will not be considered for publication. All decisions will be made under the direction of God as expressed through our group conscience.


Local Stories Wanted for the BENDER

Consider writing your recovery story or an article on an AA topic for publication in this newsletter.

Submit your article to cbia@grandecom.net in a Word document or similar format.