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    The Coastal BENDER

    April 2015 Edition

    The History of Spanish Speaking AA Groups

    In Corpus Christi, Texas

    The purpose of this project is to preserve in writing the names of the people and the groups which are a part of the history of AA for Spanish speakers in Corpus Christi, Texas.  There are some dates that are probably not exact and the opinions and the solicitation of the facts are similar to the disagreements that occur in a discussion of a group conscience in an AA meeting. That is, all the contributors to this history might not agree on exact details of events which occurred years ago, but an effort has been made to present the AA history as accurately as possible.   Many thanks to the AA members who have contributed for without their efforts it would have been impossible to do this project:  Luis A. (Grupo Primer Paso), Lupe M. (Grupo 3 Legados), Severo R. (Grupo Serenidad), Merced P. (New Phoenix Group) and Steve S. Jr. (Weber Nooners). This history was researched and written by Dave A., Sobriety Date: November 11, 1983 (Grupo Tres Legados).


    The History: 1961 – 2015

    The Group Navarro (Grupo Navarro) was the first Spanish speaking AA group in Corpus Christi, Texas, and was named after its meeting place, Navarro Courts, a building that served as a military barracks in WW II.  During the 1970’s there were apartments for rent there and today Navarro Courts is low income housing. Some say that the name Navarro came from General Navarro, a controversial figure in the Mexican Revolution, but it isn’t known for certain if the General was an alcoholic.  Nevertheless, the first AA group for Spanish speakers was founded by Steve S. in 1961 according to the information provided by Steve S. Jr.  That group chose the name of Grupo Navarro and held meetings Wednesdays and Saturdays at eight in the evening on 19th Street at Navarro Courts.  At times, this group would attract as many as 30 to 40 recovering alcoholics to their meetings.  Even though the official name was Navarro, the members usually used the name of the founder when referring to the meeting:  “Steve’s Meeting”.

    Merced P., whose sponsor was Ramón M., has 24 years of sobriety.  He started attending the Alanos Group and Grupo Navarro in 1986 and remembers Steve S. as friendly, personable and very well respected, also as a man that always got to the point in his talks at AA meetings.  Steve S. Jr., (Steve S. died in 1990), mentioned that his father, a stevedore at the Port of CC, began attending Alanos meetings on 18th Street in 1958 at the age of 45.  He stayed sober for 6 Months, then relapsed, but a year later returned to the sober life and founded the first Spanish speaking AA group in CC (Grupo Navarro).  His sponsors were Bill C., Tex J and Phil S. from Alanos. In spite of his progress in recovery at the English speaking meeting, Steve S. saw a need for a Spanish group in CC and was determined to start one.  He drove over to Laredo, Texas to observe first-hand a meeting of a Spanish speaking group. He returned to CC with new enthusiasm and founded Grupo Navarro in 196l.  Before this, there were no Spanish speaking AA groups in CC.  Given the founding date of 1961, this means 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of Spanish speaking AA meetings in Corpus Christi, Texas.

    Steve Jr. followed in footsteps of his father and came to AA in 1977 in the Alanos Group also, but he relapsed in 1990.  Receiving an ultimatum from his wife, Steve Jr. made his return to AA by attending the Boardwalk Group on September 13, 1999, his sobriety birthday.  Steve now goes on a regular basis to the Weber Nooners, but also frequents some Spanish speaking meetings.  He mentioned the names of Bill O. and Ramiro R., two AA’s with over 20 years of sobriety.

    During this period, Luis A. , who passed away March 23, 2010, was living in CC and went to see Dr. Avalos for some pills to help alleviate the nausea from hangovers. The doctor recommended to Luis that in addition to taking the pills, he consider attending AA.  Luis consulted the telephone directory and found a listing for Alanos, then went to his first meeting there on November 7, 1977.  (Luis A. celebrated 32 years in 2009.) Luis A. and Steve S. met at a meeting on 18th Street and Steve told Luis about Grupo Navarro, which had moved from 19th Street to Mohawk Street in the Community Center of Zavala in 1981.  Before making this move to Mohawk, Grupo Navarro had spent 1980 in Morgan Street.  Some of the original members of Grupo Navarro were Luis A., Ricardo G., Candelario G., Lupe M., Severo R., Rosolio R., Simón R in addition to Thelma, Jóse Antonio y Javier V.

    In 1990, after having celebrated meetings for 9 years on Mohawk Street, Grupo Navarro moved from Zavala to Blake Street and later went to 18th Street in 1992.  The name Navarro was changed to Primer Paso through a group conscience in Blake Street before moving to 18th Street.  Primer Paso remains an active bilingual AA group in CC.

    Speaking of Primer Paso, José C. got sober in 1987 and became very active in the group on 18th Street.  The truth is that José C. was really “Mr. Service Work” and was always there to extend his hand to newcomers and people in trouble with their sobriety.  When Luis A. was in a nursing home on Wooldridge Street in the spring of 2009, it was José who organized a “portable” meeting on Thursday evenings so that Luis could maintain contact with AA without leaving the facility. José C. died suddenly in August of 2009 and is remembered as the type of AA member which is very difficult to replace.

    More of the past: Lupe M. was required to go to treatment at Bayview Hospital for rehabilitation the 21 of November in 1987, his sobriety date. He spent 30 days in that program and attended meetings with Alpha Group at the hospital.  Later on, Lupe was looking for a meeting in Spanish and his barber, Ramón G., recommended Grupo Navarro on Mohawk Street.  Lupe and his friend, Elvira R., began to attend meetings at Navarro in January of 1988.

    It is a tradition in AA around the world that the members who are dissatisfied with their home group or that want to establish a meeting closer to home or one with a different format, start up a new group.  It is said that some Mexican AA’s coming to CC directly from Mexico prefer a format of daily meetings of two hours with the speaker using a podium to address the group. The Tejanos are used to the U.S. format and usually attend the bilingual meeting or meetings in English.  Steve S., sponsor of Severo R., now with 27 years of sobriety, was always in favor of new meetings because he saw it as a sign of growth in the AA fellowship.

    Joaquin C., José G., Ricardo G., Severo R., Simón R., Rogelio R., Javier V., Juan V. and David Z. took steps to form Grupo Una Esperanza in 1986, which became Grupo Nueva Esperanza in Morgan Street in 1990 with Joaquin C., Armando F., Juan M., Miguel O, Benito P. and Luis T.  Later, Severo R. left this group and founded Grupo Serenidad in Brownlee Street in 1989 with Ricardo G., Alfredo O, Simón R., Rogelio R., René S. and Javier V.  Grupo Serendiad  held meetings until 1999 when it became inactive, only to re-open its doors again the 9th of January in 2007 with Severo R., Lorenzo B., Ricardo G., Martha G., Amador M., Reinaldo N. y Fermin R. In 2004, Lupe M., Arturo S., Isabel B. y Doroteo G. founded Grupo Tres Legados.

    The four Spanish speaking groups in CC hold meetings on a daily basis in various locations with the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions observed and also a prominent part of the wall decorations. There are many Hispanics that attend English speaking meetings and do not go to Spanish meetings.  Why?  It may be that they are not comfortable using their Spanish or that they prefer a different type of therapy with the shorter format of the English meetings.

    Primer Paso (1635 18th St.) has been the only bilingual meeting in CC and follows a format based on the Alanos Group with a chairperson leading the hour long meeting and members sharing seated from their chairs. However, Tres Legados (1015 South Port) now calls itself bilingual, although Spanish is the language of the meeting.  Serenidad (408 S. Brownlee St.) y Nueva Esperanza (1112 Morgan St.) use Spanish only in their meetings with speakers coming to the front of the group in call-up fashion and speaking from a podium.  Nueva Esperanza is the largest group and the one most active in participation of district events and interchanges with groups from other cities and Tres Legados has shown significant growth the past year.  Group anniversaries are celebrated annually.  There are also bilingual groups in Beeville and Kingsville.

    Spanish speaking  AA in CC has a long and rich tradition and in 2011 celebrated 50 years of AA activities in this city.

    Key dates in the history of Spanish AA are as follows:

    1935: Dr. Bob meets Bill W. the 12th of May and AA is founded the 10th of June.

    1956: The first AA group in Mexico is founded: El Grupo Hospital Central Militar (Mexico City).

    1958: Steve S. in CC stops drinking, relapses in 6 months, but returns to sobriety.

    1961:  Steve S. starts the first Spanish speaking AA group in CC: Grupo Navarro.

    1980:  Grupo Navarro moves from 19th Street to Morgan Street.

    1981:  Grupo Navarro moves from Morgan Street to Mohawk Street.

    1986: Grupo Una Esperanza is founded.

    1989: Grupo Serenidad is founded.

    1990: Grupo Nueva Esperanza is founded..

    1990: Grupo Navarro moves from Mohawk Street to Blake Street.

    1990:  Steve S., founder of Spanish AA in CC, passes away.

    1992:  Grupo Navarro changes name to Grupo Primer Paso before moving from Blake Street to 18th Street.

    2004: Grupo Tres Legados is founded.

    2007: Grupo Serenidad reopens its doors after 8 years of inactivity.

    2011:  50 year anniversary of Spanish speaking groups in CC

    2015:  Tres Legados celebrates 11th anniversary 

    -        Dave A., (11.11.1983) Grupo Tres Legados, Corpus Christi, TX  

    Editor’s Note:      This is the tenth of a series of articles on the history of AA Groups in the Coastal Bend Area.  If your group’s history has not been documented and submitted to the CBIA and you would like to have your history published, send it to cbia@grandecom.net.


    Step 4 - Courage

    Step 4: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

    The principle behind the fourth step is courage. I had to ask God for the courage to look at core beliefs and survival strategies that dated back to childhood. I had to question my sacred cows and take a critical look at the way I had handled situations all my life. That meant digging up all the mistakes I had buried. It was not pretty. I had thought my defects were a well kept secret. In reality, my shortcomings are what my friends call "the trouble with Rob." In the first step, I got at the truth about the consequences of my drinking. In the fourth step, I got at the truth about the consequences of all my other behaviors.

    My First Time -- The Big Book's 4-Column 4th Step

    The most profound thing I can say about Step 4 is that thinking about it was much worse than actually doing it. The longer I procrastinated the more difficult I imagined it would be. After all, if it had been easy, I would have done it long ago. One of my stalling tactics was to do research. I must have found fifty ways to do a fourth step.

    My second sponsor said, "You already know more than you will ever use. So just do the best job you can do for today. Just DO IT! If you miss something, more will be revealed later and you can deal with it then." That fourth step was mostly a resentment inventory, as described in the Big Book (page 64 and following). On the front of each sheet, I wrote the name of the person I resented, how they had harmed me, and how it had affected me. That part flowed effortless from my pen. The challenge came when I had to write on the back of the previous sheet my part in each of these situations. I realized that in every case -

    • My finger prints were on the knife used to stab me in the back;
    • I had provoked their retaliation; or
    • I had failed to set a boundary and then played my favorite Irish head game "Guess what I am mad about" when they crossed the imaginary line.

    Believing that appearances are everything, I often broke promises and then tried to cover it up. I cut corners and hoped nobody would notice. I let someone else take the blame when things did not work out. I could not stand being wrong. In my longest relationship, I never lost an argument -- even if it took 12 years. I was highly opinionated and often wrong, but never in doubt.

    In the process of doing the first fourth step, I realized that every aspect of my life looked the way it did because of choices I had made. I could not blame anybody for anything. That thought made me very uncomfortable. My experience suggests that the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. None of the insights into my character that changed my life looked like good news at first. Sometimes I felt like throwing up. AA has made it possible to transform my rude awakenings to spiritual awakenings. If I got here by choices I had made, I could make other choices. With that came freedom from being a victim.

    4th Steps Focusing on a Specific Area

    Subsequent fourth steps were more specific. After ending a 14-year relationship, I did an inventory on my part in the relationship. Owning my part made it possible for us to remain close friends. A sex inventory revealed that instead of being generous and simply enjoying this gift from God, I had often had an agenda -- to reward or punish ("You will be VERY happy!" or "You will NEVER get laid AGAIN!") A financial inventory revealed that I used money to fund all my other mischief and to cover up my mistakes. Finances is a great way for me to sabotage myself. I used not having enough money as an excuse for not doing things I was afraid to do and ended up not doing things I REALLY wanted to do.

    Step Study Group (AWOL) - 12 Friends and over 120 Questions

    The most comprehensive and thorough fourth steps I have done were part of step workshops called "AWOLs" (A Way Of Life), which I led for five years. We spent ten weeks on steps 4 and 5: two weeks studying the steps and eight weeks doing them. Each week the homework consisted of answering a lot of provocative and annoying questions in writing and reviewing my answers with my sponsor.

    From this approach, I came to appreciate the value of reviewing my work with my sponsor after I have written a few pages -- rather than waiting until the end. My work on subsequent questions was informed by my sponsor's comments on my previous work. I also saw the benefit of having some success behind me before I tackled the most difficult issues. I had a relatively happy childhood, so that was a good place for me to start -- before I turned to my traumatic adolescence. Some people who had had a troubled childhood did well to start elsewhere. Finally, it was helpful to have the pressure of working against an established time line and trying to keep up with about twelve other people.

    And Now - Back to the Big Book with Four 4-Column Forms

    My most recent fourth step used four forms designed to match the four parts of the Big Book Fourth Step. Each form had four or five columns as shown below: 

    • Resentments 
      • Who do I resent? 
      • Why am I angry?
      • What part of self was hurt or threatened?
      • Where was I to blame?
    • Fears
      • What am I afraid of?
      • Why am I afraid?
      • What part of self failed me?
      • What part of self does the fear affect?
    • Sex
      • Who was involved?
      • What did I do?
      • What is the exact nature of my wrong?
      • How did it affect others (suspicion, jealousy, bitterness)?
      • Who was harmed? 
    • Other Harms 
      • Who did I harm? 
      • What did I do or not do? 
      • What part of self caused the harm?
      • What is the nature of my wrong?
      • What should I have done instead?

    The instructions for the forms say to complete the first column, top to bottom before going on to the second column. Then complete the second column, top to bottom before going on to the third column. In other words, do not work across the form for each person / situation.

    My sponsor told me to complete the first two columns (the who and what columns) for the first form and then call. We did remaining columns together. If you think about it, there is a finite list of ways things affect me and my part can also be reduced to a finite list.

    I have done 10 Fourth Steps over the last 30 years and this one was the most enlightened and the least painful and traumatic. I had no trouble listing who they were and what had happened on my own. But having my sponsor help me with the other two columns kept me objective and prevented me from getting bogged down in my own stuff.

    And when we were done we could look down the third and fourth (and, in some cases fifth) columns and see the patterns. If my pride was hurt on every resentment and I became frightened and judgmental, that should tell me what I need to work on, with God's help.

    As a sponsor, I think anybody wanting my help on a fourth and fifth step in the future will have a very hard time convincing me to do it any other way.

    ~ Rob M. (2.24.1985) 5th Tradition Group, Corpus Christi, TX



    February 9th 2015

     I. OPENING: (6:00PM)

    • Johnie opened the meeting at 6:00 PM with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.
    • Jimmy read the CBIA Mission Statement.
    • A.J. read 12 Traditions.


    • Johnie S., Chair, Joe R., Vice Chair, Tom K., Financial Trustee, A.J.A., Trustee, Ed B., Trustee, Jimmy M., Trustee, Rob M., Office Manager,
    • Ginger S., Trustee, and Kelly J., Assistant Office Manager, were not present.


    • Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of January 26th were reviewed.
      • Ed moved to approve the minutes as read. A.J. seconded. Motion carried.


    • Tom presented the January Financial Report. 
    • Balance Sheet: Total CBIA funds as of January 31st were $36,363.29; $50.00 in Petty Cash; $3,104.17 in Checking; $12,599.62 in Prudent Reserve and $20,609.50 in the Jamboree Account. 
    • Profit & Loss for the month of November:  Contributions $1,649.13; Gross Sales (Books, Chips & Medallions) $1,216.63 (less Cost of Goods Sold $884.09); Social Event Revenues $643.00 Gross Gain for the month $2,669.67; Total Expenses were $2,832.81                 for a Net Loss of $163.14 for the month. 
      • Jimmy moved to approve the Financial Report as presented.  Ed seconded. Motion carried.
      • Tom moved that we replace the copier, printer and fax machine with a Brother color laser printer ($599 on sale for $499) and cancel the maintenance agreement we have with Dahill on the old copier.  Because of the cost of the maintenance agreement, this will save $1,000 in the first year and $1,700 in each subsequent year. 
        • Rob seconded. Motion carried.


    • 12th Step: A.C. said the helpline was running smoothly.
    • Public Information/Cooperate with Professional Community: Johnie S. said the host committee is organizing the Area 68 PI/CPC Conference in Corpus Christi in September. There will be a luncheon at Water Street Oyster Bar for professionals on the Friday of the conference. 
    • Corrections/Treatment Facilities: Joe said we continue to support AA meetings at Reality Ranch (Sundays at 8:00 PM) and SATF (alternate Fridays at 8:00 PM).  The Coastal BENDER has information on eligibility / clearance requirements. 
    • Coastal Bender: Ed B. said the February BENDER looks good.  He asked about promoting the SMF Men’s 12 Step Retreat in the BENDER. Rob said it’s a wonderful retreat but CBIA cannot promote it because it’s produced outside the official service structures of AA (Like the Sister B. Retreat and A Day of AA in CC, it is not produced by a Group, a District, an Area or an Intergroup.).
    • Bilingual:  Joe said he would be contacting Merced P.
    • Nominations: Jimmy M. said he had nothing to report.          
    • Social: Ginger was not present.
    • Jamboree: Jimmy indicated he would begin reporting when the 2016 Jamboree Committee begins to meet in July.  Rob said that in addition to producing a great conference, the 2015 Jamboree Committee was able to control expenses effectively so they expect to contribute a few thousand dollars more to CBIA than last year. Rob said he would attend the final Committee meeting on February to thank the Committee for a job well done and accept a check on behalf of CBIA.
    • Archives:  Johnie S. said archives were displayed by CBIA and by Dave D. of District 15. She is maintaining the binders set up by former Archives Trustee Ron S. The next archives display will be at Founders Day in June. 


    • Office Update – Rob M.
      • ­­­­Rob  moved that we modify the authorized signers on our Value Bank accounts:
        • Checking Account No.  221218
        • Savings Account No. 10181188
        • To remove Ron Strahlendorff and George Dowe from the list of authorized signer; and
        • To add Johnie Swenson and Tom Kenyon to the list of authorized signers – so that
        • The only Authorized Signers for both accounts will be:
          • Robert Marek;
          • Johnie Swenson; and
          • Tom Kenyon.

                Tom seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

    • Rob asked if anybody would object to Tom and him disposing of old un-used computers (assuming the hard drives are removed), and other un-used furniture and equipment (including the copier and the old fax machine we are replacing with the color laser printer and a karaoke system, which was used only once), and records and recordings which are not considered significant for archival purposes. There were no objections.                


    • None. 


    • None. 


    • Next CBIA Board of Trustees meeting Monday March 9th 2015, at 6:00 PM in the CBIA Office. 


    • Next CBIA Quarterly Association Meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM on Monday April 27th at All Saints Episcopal Church (3026 S Staples).

         XI. CLOSING:

    •  A.J. moved to adjourn. Ed seconded. Motion carried.
    • Johnie closed the meeting with prayer at 6:45.

       Respectfully submitted,

    Rob Marek

    Office Manager 



    Special Events

    District 15 Sponsorship Workshop (Saturday, April 18th in AP)

    District 15 is sponsoring a workshop on sponsorship at 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 18th at the AP club house (202 S. 10th at Yoakum in Aransas Pass).

    Humility Group Anniversary – One Year in Bel Air Center (Saturday, April 25th in CC)

    The Humility Group will celebrate one year in their new location – Bel Air Center (2777D S. Staples at Annapolis). Activities start at 12:00 Noon and end at Midnight.

    12:00 Noon Open AA Meeting

    1:00 PM Potluck Luncheon

    5:30 PM Open AA Meeting

    8:00 PM Monthly Birthday Meeting

    9:00 – Midnight DJ / Dance

    2015 International Convention (July 2-5, 2015 in Atlanta, GA) *

    Every five years AA has an international convention.  The last one was in San Antonio in 2010. The next one will be in Atlanta, GA July 2nd thru July 5th, 2015.

    The four-page registration form attached provides a wealth of information about the conference, the city and the registration and hotel reservation process. Forms are available in the intergroup office and at many meetings. The registration form is attached in PDF format.

    On-line registration started September 3rd.You must register (at www.aa.org under “Online Registration”) in order to make a hotel reservation at the conference rate. If you know you will be attending, you should register and make hotel reservations as soon as possible in order to reserve a room convenient to the convention.

    2015 Texas State Convention (August 14th-16th in Midland) *

    The 69th annual Texas State Convention will be held August 14th – 16th at the Midland Center in Midland. (See attached flier for details.)


    Service Opportunities

    Volunteers Needed to Carry the Message in Corrections Facilities

    Volunteers are needed to carry the message to alcoholics in corrections facilities.  You must be at least 18 years old and not been in trouble with the law (arrested, incarcerated, pending, etc.) for at least 18 months. In these situations, men work with men and women work with women.

    SATF – Corpus Christi

    1. Attend Meetings to support separate men’s and women’s meetings at 8:00 PM on alternate Fridays. (NA provides meetings every other Friday.) 
    2. Activity Sponsors take people to meetings once a week or so. (Minimum one year sober and prior clearance). 
    3. Step Sponsors work the steps with people. (Minimum two years sober and prior clearance.)

     Reality Ranch – Corpus Christi

    1.  Attend Meetings to support a men’s meeting at 8:00 PM every Sunday.  
    2. Attend Meetings to support a men’s meeting at 8:00 PM every Sunday. (Prior clearance is required).

    Live Oak County Jail – George West

      1. Attend Meetings to support a men’s meeting at 7:00 PM every Wednesdays. (Prior clearance is required).

     If you are interested in any of these service opportunities,

    • Women should call District 8D Corrections Chair Joyce T. at (361) 549-9321.
    • Men should call CBIA Corrections Trustee Joe R. at (361) 510-9509 for facilities in Corpus Christi.
    • Men should call Dist 8E Corrections Chair Jesse T. at (361) 815-3239 for Live Oak County Jail.

    Where clearance is required, provide Joyce or Joe your full name, as it appears on your driver’s license and your driver’s license number and state at least a week prior to service.

    Local Stories Wanted for the BENDER

    Consider writing your recovery story or an article on an AA discussion topic for publication in this newsletter. Submit your article to cbia@grandecom.net in a Word document or similar format.

    Volunteers Needed for PI/CPC Conference (September 25th , 26th  and 27th 2015 in CC) *

    There are many diverse service opportunities for AA members (including newcomers) for the Area 68 Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community Conference which will be held in Corpus Christi in September. We will need:

    • Meeting Chairs
    • Hospitality
    • Bilingual
    • Registration
    • Special Needs
    • Audio / Visual
    • General Volunteers

    Enclosed is a volunteer sign-up sheet. GSR’s & DCM’s gathering names of volunteers for their group or district, should submit the forms for new (additional) volunteers at least monthly (e.g. August 1st; September 1st; and October 1st etc.) so the volunteers can be contacted. Refer any questions to John W. at (361) 877-1642 or jmwatson52@gmail.com.

    Volunteers will be invited to attend the final committee meeting in August 2015 to meet with their respective Sub-Committee Chairs.

    April Helpline Schedule / 12 Step List *

    Attached is the Helpline schedule for April.  These are the volunteers who are making sure that the hand of AA is available 24 hours a day in the Coastal Bend area by answering the phones overnight (5 PM to 8 AM) and on weekends (8 AM Saturday to 8 AM Sunday; or 8AM Sunday to 8 AM Monday).  A minimum of six months sobriety is required to answer the phones.  The helpline is pretty well staffed at present.  

    If someone needs help beyond meeting information, the helpline passes them to someone on the 12-Step List for a longer conversation and maybe a visit to discuss how to get sober and stay sober.  A minimum of two years sobriety is required to be on the 12-Step List.  We can always use more people on the 12-Step List. We especially need people (particularly women) in the surrounding area (like Beeville and Alice). If you would like to be on the 12-Step List or on the Helpline, call Rob or Kelly at the CBIA Office (361) 992-8911 or (866) 672-7029.


    Group / Meeting Changes

    Veteran’s Meeting Changed from Thursday at 11:00 AM to Tuesday at 11:00 AM (1)

    The Veteran’s Meeting has been changed from 11:00 AM on Thursdays to 11:00 AM on Tuesdays. They meet at the VA Specialty Outpatient Clinic (205 S. Enterprise Parkway Suite 140 in Corpus Christi).

    Sunset 7 Cancels Tuesday Evening Meeting (1)

    The Sunset 7 Group has canceled its 7:00 PM Tuesday meeting. In addition, they no longer have a snack and yak on the last Friday of the month.

    They now have open discussion meetings at 7:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Presbyterian Church on Padre Island (14030 Fortuna Bay at Gypsy Street in Corpus Christi).  They also have an 8:00 AM meeting on Sundays on the boardwalk at Padre Bali Park.

    Port A Group Time Change (2)

    As of March 8th, the daily meetings of the Port Aransas Group will begin at 8:00 PM (instead of 7:00 PM). The third Saturday potluck eat and speak will be replaced with various beach events to be announced.  The Port A Group meets in the pavilion behind Trinity by the Sea Episcopal Church (433 Trojan in Port Aransas).

    New Freedom Time Change (2)

    New Freedom is now meeting at 11:00 AM (instead of 12:00 Noon) on Mondays at Unity by the Sea (901 Brawner Parkway in Corpus Christi). 

    District Meetings 

    District 7 Next Meeting (Saturday, April 18th in Victoria)

    District 7’s next meeting will be on Saturday, April 18th at 9:30 AM. There will be Service Manual Study at 9:00 AM. The meeting will be held at Christ the Victor Church (202 Stanly in Victoria).

    District 8C Next Meeting (Saturday, April 18th in Kingsville)

    District 8C’s next meeting will be on Saturday, April 18th at 1:30 PM. The meeting will be held at the Serenity Club (819 N. Third Street in Kingsville).

    District 8D Next Meeting (Saturday, April 18th  in CC)

    District 8D's next will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 18th at New Phoenix (5433 S. Staples, Suite F, in Corpus Christi).

    District 8E Next Meeting (Saturday, April 18th   in CC)

    District 8E's next meeting will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 18th at the Anchor Club (320 Anchor Street in Corpus Christi).

    District 15 Next Meeting (Saturday, April 18th in AP)

    District 15’s next meeting will be at 1:00 PM on Saturday April 18th at the Aransas Pass club house (202 S. 10th at Yoakum in Aransas Pass). There will be a Sponsorship workshop at 2:00 PM in the same location.


     Save the Dates

    (Future Events - Fliers included for events flagged with an *.)

    Humility Group Anniversary – 1 Year in Bel Air Center (Saturday, April 25th in CC)

    2015 International Convention (July 2nd – 5th in Atlanta) *

    2015 Texas State Convention (August 14th-16th in Midland)

    2015 Area 68 SW Texas PI/CPC Conference (September 25th - 27th in CC)

    Area 68 SW Texas Summer Workshop (July 17th - 19th in Austin)

    Area 68 SW Texas Fall Voting Conference (October 16th - 27th in CC)

    2016 Coastal Bend Jamboree (January 22-24, 2016 in CC) 

    AA Meeting Schedules for Our Area

    Current AA meeting schedules for areas serviced by the Coastal Bend Intergroup are attached:

    • AA Meetings in Corpus Christi *
    • AA Meetings in CC Surrounding Area *
    • AA Meetings in Victoria and Surrounding Area *


    Bender Mission Statement

    Our primary purpose is to carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic. A secondary purpose of The Bender is to keep the CBIA Area of South Texas informed as to the events, meeting changes, Board of Trustee actions / decisions, and other news of interest to AA’s in the area. Finally, as a newsletter we provide a forum for the broad spectrum of views held by our members. Publication of any article submitted will be at the discretion of the Bender Editor as advised by the CBIA Board. A controversial subject, as long as it does not concern an outside issue and involves principles and not personalities, will be considered for publication. As a general guideline, any letter or article that is of interest to members of AA and in good taste is worthy of publication. However, an article or letter that advocates ignoring or violating the Traditions, Concepts, or General Service Conference actions will not be considered for publication. All decisions will be made under the direction of God as expressed through our group conscience.


    April Birthdays 


    Gill S.

    Scott A.

    Phyllis H

    Gary Mc

    Carol D.

    Kari Sue P

    Jeff H.

    Ash H.

    Cathy H.

    Marcia L.

    Tonya J.

    Marlive F.

    Holly H.

    Glen U.

    John L.

    Kaleen B.

    Amber R.

    Cindy M.

    Ken C.

    Ron S.

    Betty L.



    Hilltoppers Group

    Men's Group

    Rockport Fellowship


    Oso Group


    Oso Group

    Rodd Field Group

    Bookmarks Group

    Hilltoppers Group

    Oso Group


    Hilltoppers Group

    Port Aransas Group

    Rodd Field Group

    Alanos Group

    Flour Bluff Unity

    Hilltoppers Group

    Weber Nooners

    Fifth Tradition Group

    Port Aransas Group
























    20 Years

           10 Years

     11 Years

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      5 Years

     31 Years

     26 Years

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    16 Years

    21 Years

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    11 Years

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     29 Years

             5 Years

     42 Years


    Don't see your group's birthdays? For best results e-mail your group's birthdays to CBIA at cbia@grandecom.net.


     March 2015 Phone Calls


                                           Ofc Hrs/Dist. 7        AFTER HOURS            YTD

    12TH STEP CALLS                2/0                             0/0                          5/0

    INFO. CALLS                    206/21          After Hours only tracks 12th Step calls



     Group Contributions


    Mar.  2015

    YTD 2015




    Alice Group



    Alive & Free



    Aransas Pass Group



    Beeville (Hope Group)



    Beeville (Serenity Group)



    Beeville (Shepherd's Group)



    Beeville (Freedom Group)



    Bookmarks Group



    Calallen Group 



    Clean & Serene Group



    Crosstown Group



    Cullen Mall Group



    Daily Reprieve Group






    District 8D



    District 8E



    Early Morning Fellowship



    Falfurrias (2nd Chance Group)



    Fellowship Group @ Charlie's Place



    Fifth Tradition Group



    Flour Bluff Unity Group



    Friday Night Speaker Meeting



    Goliad (Open Arms Group)



    Hilltoppers Group



    Humility Group



    Ingleside (Living Sober Group)



    Just for Today Group



    Karnes City (Mayfield Group)



    Kingsville (AL-K Group)



    Mathis (Crossroads Group)



    Mountain Toppers



    Newcomers Meeting



    New Life Group



    New Phoenix Group



    New Women's Group



    Oso Group



    Port Aransas (Port A Day Tripper's Group)



    Port Aransas Group



    Port Lavaca Group



    Port O’Connor Group



    Portland  (Jaywalkers Group)



    Portland  (Nueces Bay Group)



    Primary Purpose Group



    Riviera (SASTO Group)



    Robstown Group



    Rockport (Anything Goes Group)



    Rockport (Happy Hour Group)



    Rockport (Fellowship Group)



    Rodd Field Group



    Rx for Sobriety



    Sandia Group



    Sinton  (Grupo Secunda Chanza)



    Skidmore Group



    Sunset 7 Group (N Padre Island)



    Three Rivers  (Choke Canyon Group)



    Turning Point Group



    Victoria (Back to Basics Group)



    Victoria Main Stream Group



    Victoria (Women's Group)



    Weber Road Nooners Group



    Wenholz Women’s Group



    Anonymous/Individual Contribution






    Group Contributions

    Intergroup Meetings

    CBIA Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting will be held Monday April 13th   at 6:00 PM in the CBIA Office (3833 S. Staples, Suite S-212).

    CBIA Quarterly Association Meeting will be held Monday, April 27th at 6:00 PM at All Saints Episcopal Church (3026 S. Staples in CC). Each group gets a vote at this meeting. 

    Group Announcements

    New Phoenix Group Conscience is held the last Sunday of the month at 2:00PM.   Birthday Night is first Saturday of the month at 8:00PM. Potluck Supper is second Saturday of the month at 7:00 PM. (5433 S. Staples, Suite F in The Boardwalk.) 

    Hilltoppers Group Conscience is the 1st Tuesday of the month following the Noon meeting. (First United Methodist Church, 900 S. Shoreline Dr., Room 244)

    Weber Road Nooners Group Conscience is held the 1st Saturday of each Quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) following the 10:00AM meeting. Birthdays are celebrated the first Monday of each month at noon. (Travis Baptist Church, 5802 Weber Road at Schanen, park in rear, meeting upstairs.) 

    Calallen Group Conscience is held the 3rd Wednesday of each month following the 6:30PM meeting, Birthday Night is the 1st Saturday of the month. (Potluck at 6:30PM, Meeting at 8:00PM). (Pass it on Club, 11425 Leopard (Hilltop).     

    Flour Bluff Unity Group Conscience is held the 2nd Sunday of each month at noon.  Birthday Night is the 1st Saturday of the month with Potluck Supper at 7:00 PM and Birthday Meeting at 8:00PM at The Anchor Club (320 Anchor St. in CC).

    Turning Point Group Conscience is held the 1st Wednesday of each month. Birthday Meeting is last Saturday of the month.



























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