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     CBIA, 3833 S. Staples Suite S-212, Corpus Christi, TX 78411  (361) 992- 8911 or Toll Free 1-866-672-7029 


    The Coastal BENDER

    March 2015 Edition

    Fifth Tradition Group

    Group History

    Ann F. founded the Fifth Tradition Group in 1994. From the beginning they have met in the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House at 210 S. Carrizo Street in Corpus Christi.

    Current Meeting Schedule

    The Fifth Tradition Group has meetings at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

    On rainy days and in the cooler months they meet in an enclosed porch. The rest of the time meetings are held under a large hackberry tree in the back yard. Medallions are given to members at the first meeting on or after the AA birthday.  A potluck supper is held after the first Saturday meeting each month to celebrate AA birthdays in the previous month.

    Memorable Departed Members

    • Danny Joe B. (died in 2011)
    • Lindy N. (died in 2013) with 35 years of sobriety.
    • Billy S. (died in 2013)
    • Pete G. (died in 2014)
    • James B. (died in 2015)

    Editor’s Note:    This is the eighth of a series of articles on the history of AA Groups in the Coastal Bend Area.  If your group’s history has not been documented and submitted to the CBIA and you would like to have your history published, send it to cbia@grandecom.net.


    Step 3 - Faith

     Step 3:      Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of  God as we understood him.

    I'm a photographer and I think like one. When it comes to running my own life, I have the perspective of someone looking at a photograph taken with a macro close-up lens, focused on a single leaf. Not only can't I see the forest, I can't even see the tree. I'm also limited in time (the moment the photo was taken), so I can't see the tree grow and change through the four seasons. I need guidance from someone whose perspective is not limited in time and space, like mine. Hence, my need to rely on God.

    Life happens in the present, in what my friend the late Eve Smith called 'this red hot moment'. While life has to be lived moving forward, it can only be understood looking back. God's guidance only comes when I'm moving forward. So I have to row the boat trusting that God will guide me. I've learned that not much happens unless I do some rowing (God don't row.)

    I've also learned that if I ask, God will steer. God does not help those who help themselves, as I was told as a child. God helps those who ask and then cooperate with him. He may not always take me to the destination I had in mind, but He will always take me where I need to be. When I look back at some of the tricky places we've come through, I can see that God guided me through it all, doing for me what I could not do for myself. 

    When I'm on the right track, sometimes God's guidance comes with doors opening, as if by magic. I get little signs like a rainbow or a perfect parking space or an amazing coincidence. That tells me to keeping going. When I'm off track, nothing I do works, I feel like I'm swimming upstream. Doors close and lock. That tells me I need to stop and ask for directions. Step 3 is about choosing to live my life this way, with God's guidance. A good Step 3 prayer is to ask God to "Bless it or block it."

    When my friend in Boston was in a stroke rehab, I sometimes went with him to doctor appointments in a wheelchair van. The drivers, some of whom had very little sense of direction, were directed by a GPS system. They punched in our destination. By satellite, the navigation system knew where we were and would tell the driver the next right thing to do. For example, "Bear right onto Storrow Drive - Inbound." When the driver instead went left onto Storrow Drive - Outbound," my first thought was "You idiot. You can't get downtown on the outbound parkway." By contrast, the GPS said "Re-calculating. Exit Storrow Drive at Kenmore . . ." There was no judgment, no punishment, just the next right thing, given where you are now. My higher power's guidance is like that -- no judgment, no punishment, just the next right thing, given where I am now. It's never too late to get on track.

    I had spent most of my life before I got sober trying to manipulate other people into doing my foot work, while I tried to force the result I wanted. In other words, I was turning my job over to other people and trying to do God's job myself. As far as my foot work is concerned, I've learned that if people do it FOR you, they will do it TO you. As far as God's job is concerned, when I get my knickers in a twist, it's usually because I have been entertaining the possibility that this time Rob's will, not God's, will be done. In 28 years, that has not happened yet.

    There was a specific moment in my recovery when I made a decision to put my life and will in God's hands. (It had previously been in the hands of an alcoholic idiot.) This was a commitment I made to God, to myself and to my sponsor. After that, I am out of integrity any time I take it back. Today when I'm huffing and puffing and struggling to get the result I want, I just need someone to remind me, "I thought you made a decision." My reply is always, "I forgot." Any time I want to know whether something was my will or God's will, I just need to ask myself, "Did I make it happen or did I let it happen?" If I made it happen, it was my will. If I let it happen, it was God's will.

    One way this step has been significant in my recovery is that it represents an implicit commitment to do all of the remaining steps. As a recovering alcoholic, I believe it is God's will for me to work the steps, in order, as prescribed in the Big Book and the 12 & 12, with the guidance of a sponsor. (This is not a self-help program. I have needed adult supervision all along the way.) Without doing that work, I would be pretty much useless to myself and to others. Before taking the third step, I resisted the suggestions of the program. I had to be persuaded to go to 90 meetings in 90 days (I was too busy for that.), to get a sponsor (I thought I could figure it out for myself.). After taking the third step, they just had to say "I thought you made a decision."

    Saying the Third Step Prayer every morning is a great way to remind myself of this decision; to recommit on a daily basis:

    "God I offer myself to You, to build with me and to do with me as You will. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do your will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Your Power, Your Love and Your Way of Life. May I do your will always."

    Sometimes I put this in my own words and say, "Let me know what you want me to do today. Give me the desire and the discipline to do that and only that. Remove any obstacles, including my defects, that get in the way."

    One area where I have gone astray with this step involves falling in love. (Benjamin Franklin once said that "Falling in love is a grave mental illness.") I would think, "This is the one, the chance of a lifetime, so I'd better make it happen." One of my friends says, "The opportunity of a lifetime comes around about once every six weeks." Several years ago, I began saying this prayer whenever I find myself obsessing about another person:

    Take my thoughts and feelings for ______ and use them for your purposes. Allow this to unfold according to your plan.

    This has prevented me from obsessing and has made it possible for me to play it out and let it unfold as it was meant to unfold (or, more often, NOT).

    The principle behind Step 3 is FAITH. It is the faith that God will not give me more than I can handle today, with His help and the help of this program. It is trusting that if I seek His will and do my best to carry it out on a daily basis, the future will work out as it's supposed to. It is the certainty that however things unfold, I will be all right. My job is to tend my garden and let God take care of everything else. My biggest challenge is to let other people be just as they are. When I do these simple things, life unfolds before me as if by magic.

    If you do the Third Step properly, your own life is none of your business. That means I can live my life fully and enjoy each moment without worrying about the future.

    ~ Rob M. (2.24.1985) 5th Tradition Group, Corpus Christi, TX




    January 12th 2015

    I.  OPENING:

    • Ron opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.
    • Joe read the CBIA Mission Statement.
    • Johnie read the 12 Traditions.


    • Ron S., Chair, Andrea G. Vice-Chair, George D. Financial Trustee, Johnie S., Trustee, Joe R., Trustee, A.J.A., Trustee, Tom K., Trustee, Ginger S. Trustee, Ed B. Trustee, Jimmy M. Trustee, Rob M., Office Manager, and Kelly J. Assistant Office Manager were present.  
    • Mike B., Trustee, was not present 


    • Minutes of the Board Meeting of December 8th 2014 were reviewed.
      • Johnie moved to approve the minutes as corrected. A.J. seconded. Motion carried.


    • George presented the December Financial Report. 
    • Balance Sheet: Total CBIA funds as of December 31st were $16,014.37; $50.00 in Petty Cash; $2,212.14 in Checking; $12,599.62 in Prudent Reserve and $1.152.61 in the Jamboree Account. 
    • Profit & Loss for the month of December:  Contributions $1,952.80; Gross Sales (Books, Chips & Medallions) $1,159.00 (less Cost of Goods Sold $785.47 and Cost of Social Events $335.00); Gross Gain for the month $2,003.33; Total Expenses were $3,070.47 for a Net Loss of $1,067.14 for the month. 
      • Andrea moved to approve the financial report as presented. Johnie seconded. Motion carried. 

     V.     Elections: Voting in of the New Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

    • Andrea moved to elect Johnie S. Chair and Joe R. Vice-Chair by acclimation.  A.J. seconded. Motion carried. 

     V.     COMMITTEE REPORTS: Selection of Treasurer & Committee Trustees

    • Financial Trustee: Tom K.
    • 12th Step: A.C.A.
    • Public Information/Cooperate with Professional Community: Johnie S.
    • Corrections/Treatment FacilitiesJoe R.
    • Coastal Bender:  Ed B.
    • Bilingual:  Joe R.
    • Nominations: Jimmy M.
    • Social Ginger S.
    • Jamboree: Jimmy M.
    •  Archives: Johnie S.  


    • Office Update – Rob M. said he was recovering from surgery for lung cancer and expected to be back to work by the end of January.                


    • Johnie said she had turned in $643.in revenue from the New Year’s Eve Dance. 


    • NONE     

       IX.   NEXT MEETINGS:  

    • Next CBIA Board of Trustees meeting Monday February 9th 2015, at 6:00 PM in the CBIA Office.
    • Next CBIA Quarterly  Association  meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM on  Monday January 26th 2015 in the Labyrinth Conference Room at All Saints Episcopal Church (3026 S Staples - where the quarterly meeting was last October.)

        XI. CLOSING:  

    • Joe moved to adjourn. Tom seconded.  Motion carried.
    • Johnie closed the meeting with prayer at 6:50 PM.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Rob Marek

    Office Manager





    Coastal Bend Intergroup Quarterly Association Meeting

    26th January 2015

    I. OPENING:  

    • Johnie opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer at 6:00 PM. 
    • Patrick read the 12 TRADITIONS. 


    • Johnie S., Chair, Joe R., Vice Chair, Tom K., Financial Trustee, A.J.A., Trustee, Ginger S., Trustee, Ed B., Trustee, Rob M., Office Manager, Kelly J., Assistant Office Manager, K.C.H., IGR – New Life Group, Wayne K., IGR – Bookmarks, and Patrick R., IGR – New Phoenix, were present.
    • Jimmy M., Trustee, was not present. 


    • Approved minutes of the last Quarterly Meeting (October 27th 2014) were reviewed. 
    • Minutes of the last Board of Trustees meeting (January 12th 2015) were reviewed.
      • Joe moved to approve the minutes as read. A.J. seconded. Motion carried.

     IV. FINANCIAL REPORT:  Tom / Financial Trustee presented the approved

          December Financial Report.

    •  Balance Sheet as of December 31st 2013: Total funds were $16,014.37; $50.00 in Petty Cash; $2,212.14 in Checking; $12,599.62 in Prudent Reserve and $1,152.61 in the Jamboree Account.
    • Profit and Loss for the Month of December: Contributions $1,952.80; Gross Sales (Books, Chips & Medallions) $1,159.00 (less Cost of Goods Sold $785.47 and Cost of Social Events $335.00); Gross Gain for the month $2,003.33; Total Expenses were $3,070.47 for a Net Loss of $1,067.14 for the month.


    •  Johnie expressed gratitude and thanks to Ron S. (outgoing Chairperson, Jamboree Trustee, and Archives Trustee), Andrea G. (Vice Chair, PI/CPC Trustee and Bilingual Trustee), George D. (outgoing Financial Trustee), and Mike B. (Bender and Nominations Trustee) for their service. 
    • Introductions of our newly elected CBIA Chairperson – Johnie S. (Port Aransas Group);  Vice Chairperson – Joe R. (Alanos Group); Financial TrusteeTom K. (Oso Group) and newly elected trustees:  Ed B. (Goliad – Open Arms Group), Jimmy M. (Port Lavaca Group), and Ginger S. (Cullen Mall Group). 

    VI.    Introductions of Committee Trustees:

    •  12th Step:  A.J.A.
    • PI/CPC:     Johnie S.
    • Corrections Facilities:   Joe R.
    • Coastal Bender:    Ed B.
    • Bilingual:  Joe R.
    • Nominations: Jimmy M.        
    • Social:  Ginger S.
    • Jamboree:  Jimmy M.
    • Archives:   Johnie S.

     VII.    Old Business:

    •  None.

     VIII. New Business:

    • None. 


    • Board of Trustees Meeting: Monday February 9th 2015 at 6:00PM at the CBIA Office. 
    • Quarterly Coastal Bend Intergroup Association Meeting, April 27th 2015 at 6:00PM  at All Saints Episcopal Church (5300 S. Alameda in Corpus Christi)  

    X.   CLOSING

    • A.J. moved to adjourn. Joe seconded. Motion carried.   

     Respectfully submitted,

     Rob Marek

    Office Manager


    Special Events


    District 8D Mock Conference Workshop (March 21st in Corpus Christi)

    District 8D will present a Mock Conference Workshop from 9:00 – 11:00 AM on Saturday, March 21st at New Phoenix (5433 S. Staples Suite F in Corpus Christi).

    SWT Area 68 Pre-General Service Conf. (March 27th – 29th in Brownwood) *

    The annual Area 68 Pre-General Service Conference Assembly will be held March 27th – 29th in Brownwood.  See attached flier for details. 

    2015 International Convention (July 2-5, 2015 in Atlanta, GA) *

     Every five years AA has an international convention.  The last one was in San Antonio in 2010. The next one will be in Atlanta, GA July 2nd thru July 5th, 2015. 

    The four-page registration form attached provides a wealth of information about the conference, the city and the registration and hotel reservation process. Forms are available in the intergroup office and at many meetings. The registration form is attached in PDF format.

     On-line registration started September 3rd.You must register (at www.aa.org under “Online Registration”) in order to make a hotel reservation at the conference rate. If you know you will be attending, you should register and make hotel reservations as soon as possible in order to reserve a room convenient to the convention.


    Service Opportunities

    Volunteers Needed to Carry the Message in Corrections Facilities

    Volunteers are needed to carry the message to alcoholics in corrections facilities.  You must be at least 18 years old and not been in trouble with the law (arrested, incarcerated, pending, etc.) for at least 18 months. In these situations, men work with men and women work with women.

    SATF – Corpus Christi

    1. Attend Meetings to support separate men’s and women’s meetings at 8:00 PM on alternate Fridays. (NA provides meetings every other Friday.)
    2. Activity Sponsors take people to meetings once a week or so. (Minimum one year sober and prior clearance).
    3. Step Sponsors work the steps with people. (Minimum two years sober and prior clearance.)

    Reality Ranch – Corpus Christi

    1.  Attend Meetings to support a men’s meeting at 8:00 PM every Sunday. 
    2. Attend Meetings to support a men’s meeting at 8:00 PM every Sunday. (Prior clearance is required).

     Live Oak County Jail – George West

    1.  Attend Meetings to support a men’s meeting at 7:00 PM every Wednesdays. (Prior clearance is required).

     If you are interested in any of these service opportunities,

      •  Women should call District 8D Corrections Chair Joyce T. at (361) 549-9321.
      • Men should call CBIA Corrections Trustee Joe R. at (361) 510-9509 for facilities in Corpus Christi.
      • Men should call Dist 8E Corrections Chair Jesse T. at (361) 815-3239 for Live Oak County Jail.

    Where clearance is required, provide Joyce, Joe or Jesse your full name, as it appears on your driver’s license and your driver’s license number and state at least a week prior to service.

    Local Stories Wanted for the BENDER

    Consider writing your recovery story or an article on an AA discussion topic for publication in this newsletter. Submit your article to cbia@grandecom.net in a Word document or similar format. 

    Volunteers Needed for PI/CPC Conference (September 2015 in CC) *

    There are many diverse service opportunities for AA members (including newcomers) for the Area 68 Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community Conference which will be held in Corpus Christi in September of next year. We will need:

      •  Meeting Chairs
      • Hospitality
      • Bilingual
      • Registration
      • Special Needs
      • Audio / Visual
      • General Volunteers

     Enclosed is a volunteer sign-up sheet. GSR’s & DCM’s gathering names of volunteers for their group or district, should submit the forms for new (additional) volunteers at least monthly (e.g. August 1st; September 1st; and October 1st etc.) so the volunteers can be contacted. Refer any questions to John W. at (361) 877-1642 or jmwatson52@gmail.com.

     Volunteers will be invited to attend the final committee meeting in August 2015 to meet with their respective Sub-Committee Chairs.

    March Helpline Schedule / 12 Step List *

    Attached is the Helpline schedule for March.  These are the volunteers who are making sure that the hand of AA is available 24 hours a day in the Coastal Bend area by answering the phones overnight (5 PM to 8 AM) and on weekends (8 AM Saturday to 8 AM Sunday; or 8AM Sunday to 8 AM Monday).  A minimum of six months sobriety is required to answer the phones.  The helpline is pretty well staffed at present.  

    If someone needs help beyond meeting information, the helpline passes them to someone on the 12-Step List for a longer conversation and maybe a visit to discuss how to get sober and stay sober.  A minimum of two years sobriety is required to be on the 12-Step List.  We can always use more people on the 12-Step List. We especially need people (particularly women) in the surrounding area (like Beeville and Alice). If you would like to be on the 12-Step List or on the Helpline, call Rob or Kelly at the CBIA Office (361) 992-8911 or (866) 672-7029.


     Group / Meeting Changes

    Flour Bluff Unity Group - No 8:00 PM Meetings on Tuesday or Thursday (1)

    The Flour Bluff Unity Group will no longer hold meetings at 8:00 PM on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  They will continue to have 8:00 PM meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and a 6:00 PM meeting on Sundays as well as Noon meetings Monday through Saturday, an 11:00 AM meeting on Sunday and a 10:00 AM women’s meeting on Wednesdays.  All meetings are now non-smoking and are held at the Anchor Club (320 Anchor Street in Corpus Christi).

    District Meetings

    District 7 (No Meeting in March)

    District 7 will not have a district meeting in March, due to the Area Voting Assembly (3.27-29.2014).

    District 8C Next Meeting (No Meeting in March)

    District 8C will also not have a district meeting in March, due to the Area Voting Assembly (3.27-29.2014).

    District 8D Next Meeting (Saturday, March 21st  in CC)

    District 8D's next will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday, March 21st at New Phoenix (5433 S. Staples, Suite F, in Corpus Christi). There will be Mock Conference Workshop from 9:00 – 11:00 AM on the same day in the same location. 

    District 8E Next Meeting (Saturday, March 21st  in CC)

    District 8E's next meeting will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday, March 21st at the Anchor Club (320 Anchor Street in Corpus Christi).

    District 15 Next Meeting (Saturday, March 21st   in Rockport)

    District 15's next meeting will be at 2:00 PM on Saturday, March 21st at 814 Wharf Street in Rockport.


    Save the Dates

    (Future Events - Fliers included for events flagged with an *.)

     District 8D Mock Conference Workshop (March 21st in Corpus Christi) *

    SWT Area 68 Pre-General Service Conf. (March 27th – 29th in Brownwood) *

    2015 International Convention (July 2-5, 2015 in Atlanta) *

    2015 Area 68 SW Texas PI/CPC Conference (September 2015 in CC)

    2016 Coastal Bend Jamboree (January 22-24, 2016 in CC) 


    AA Meeting Schedules for Our Area


    Current AA meeting schedules for areas serviced by the Coastal Bend Intergroup are attached:

    •  AA Meetings in Corpus Christi *
    • AA Meetings in CC Surrounding Area *
    • AA Meetings in Victoria and Surrounding Area *


    Bender Mission Statement

    Our primary purpose is to carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic. A secondary purpose of The Bender is to keep the CBIA Area of South Texas informed as to the events, meeting changes, Board of Trustee actions / decisions, and other news of interest to AA’s in the area. Finally, as a newsletter we provide a forum for the broad spectrum of views held by our members. Publication of any article submitted will be at the discretion of the Bender Editor as advised by the CBIA Board. A controversial subject, as long as it does not concern an outside issue and involves principles and not personalities, will be considered for publication. As a general guideline, any letter or article that is of interest to members of AA and in good taste is worthy of publication. However, an article or letter that advocates ignoring or violating the Traditions, Concepts, or General Service Conference actions will not be considered for publication. All decisions will be made under the direction of God as expressed through our group conscience.


    March Birthdays  

    Michael S.

    John G.

    Ramon M.

    Walter B.

    John W.

    Kelly J.


    Milt Y.

    Rogers B.

    Rita S.

    Maggie S.

    Lenny G.

    John R.

    Joe C.


    Mary C.


    Ann F.

    Steve S.

    Leah S.B.



    Weber Nooners

    New Life Group

    Just for Today

    Rodd Field Group

    New Phoenix Group

    District 15


    Turning Point


    District 15

    District 15

    District 15


    District 15

    New Women's Grp

    District 15

    Fifth Tradition

    District 15

    Sunset 7






















    26 Years

    23 Years

    34 Years

    32 Years

     15 Years

      9 Years

    10 Years

    26 Years

    17 Years

    38 Years

    39 Years

    33 Years

     28 Years

    34 Years

    37 Years

    23 Years

     30 Years

    39 Years

           7 Years

           9 Years 

    Don't see your group's birthdays? For best results e-mail your group's birthdays to CBIA at cbia@grandecom.net.


     February 2015 Helpline


                                           Office Hrs/Dist. 7         After Hrs.                 YTD

    12TH Step Calls                           2/0                         0/0                          3/0

    Informational Calls                235/19     After Hours only tracks 12th Step calls



     Group Contributions


    Feb.  2015

    YTD 2015










    Alive & Free



    Aransas Pass



    Beeville - Hope Group



    Beeville - Serenity Group



    Beeville - Shepherd's Group



    Beeville - Freedom Group



    Bookmarks Group



    Calallen Group  (Pass It On)



    Clean & Serene Group



    Crosstown Group



    Cullen Mall Group



    Daily Reprieve Group






    District 8D



    District 8E



    Early Morning Fellowship



    Falfurrias - 2nd Chance Group



    Fellowship Group @ Charlie's Place



    Fifth Tradition Group



    Flour Bluff Unity Group



    Friday Night Speaker Meeting



    Goliad Open Arms Group



    Hilltoppers Group



    Humility Group



    Ingleside Living Sober Group



    Just for Today Group



    Karnes City – Mayfield Group



    Kingsville - AL-K Group



    Mathis-Crossroads Group



    Mountain Toppers



    Newcomers Meeting



    New Life Group



    New Phoenix Group



    New Women's Group



    Oso Group



    Port Aransas Day Tripper's Group



    Port Aransas Group



    Port O’Connor Group



    Portland - Jaywalkers Group



    Portland - Nueces Bay Group



    Primary Purpose Group



    Riviera Group



    Robstown Group



    Rockport - Anything Goes Group



    Rockport - Happy Hour Group



    Rockport - Fellowship Group



    Rodd Field Group



    Rx for Sobriety



    Sandia Group



    Sinton – Secunda Chanza



    Skidmore Group



    Sunset 7 Group (N Padre Island)



    Three Rivers - Choke Canyon Group



    Turning Point Group



    Victoria Main Stream Group



    Victoria Women's Group



    Weber Road Nooners Group



    Wenholz Women’s Group



    Anonymous/Individual Contribution






    Group Contributions

    Intergroup Meetings


    CBIA Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting will be held Monday March 9th  at 6:00 PM in the CBIA Office (3833 S. Staples, Suite S-212).


    CBIA Quarterly Association Meeting will be held Monday, April 27th at 6:00 PM at All Saints Episcopal Church (3026 S. Staples in CC). Each group gets a vote at this meeting.


    District Meetings


    See Bits & Pieces section for information on district meetings in the Coastal Bend area:


    District 7     (Victoria Area)

    District 8C  (Kingsville - Alice Area)

    District 8D  (Corpus Christi Area)

    District 8E  (Corpus Christi Area)

    District 15  (Portland, Port A, AP, Rockport Area)

    Group Announcements

    New Phoenix Group Conscience is held the last Sunday of the month at 2:00PM.   Birthday Night is first Saturday of the month at 8:00PM. Potluck Supper is second Saturday of the month at 7:00 PM. (5433 S. Staples, Suite F in The Boardwalk.) 

    Hilltoppers Group Conscience is the 1st Tuesday of the month following the Noon meeting. (First United Methodist Church, 900 S. Shoreline Dr., Room 244)

    Weber Road Nooners Group Conscience is held the 1st Saturday of each Quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) following the 10:00AM meeting. Birthdays are celebrated the first Monday of each month at noon. (Travis Baptist Church, 5802 Weber Road at Schanen, park in rear, meeting upstairs.) 

    Calallen Group Conscience is held the 3rd Wednesday of each month following the 6:30PM meeting, Birthday Night is the 1st Saturday of the month. (Potluck at 6:30PM, Meeting at 8:00PM). (Pass it on Club, 11425 Leopard (Hilltop).     

    Flour Bluff Unity Group Conscience is held the 2nd Sunday of each month at noon.  Birthday Night is the 1st Saturday of the month with Potluck Supper at 7:00 PM and Birthday Meeting at 8:00PM at The Anchor Club (320 Anchor St. in CC).

    Turning Point Group Conscience is held the 1st Wednesday of each month. Birthday Meeting is last Saturday of the month.


























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