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Where is the CBIA Office?

To use this online, follow this link.

CBIA address map

What Are the CBIA Office Hours?

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-11:30AM and 1:30-5:30PM

What Does CBIA Need From AA Groups?
  • A representative (IGR or GSR) from each group to participate in CBIA governance.
  • Donations to cover our expenses (For guidelines see AA Pamphlet F-3: Self Support: Where Money & Spirituality Mix)
  • Keep CBIA informed of changes in information shown on the AA Meeting Schedule.
  • Keep CBIA informed of group events which the group wants CBIA to promote.
What Can Individual AA Members Do To Help CBIA?
  • Volunteer to answer the hotline overnight and on weekends. (Limited positions are available. Minimum 6 months sobriety is required).
  • Volunteer to answer 12 Step Calls. (People are needed – especially women and people in outlying areas. Minimum 2 years sobriety is required. )
  • Volunteer to be a member of the CBIA board of trustees (Minimum 2 year’s sobriety is required. No conflict of interest as board member or employee of a business treating alcoholism.)
  • Check to see that your group is donating to CBIA in accordance with AA Guidelines (See AA Pamphlet F-3 Self Support Where Money & Spirituality Mix).
  • Donations to cover our expenses (Some AA members make a Birthday contribution (Traditionally, $1 for each year of sobriety) each year. Some make monthly contributions (faithful fivers) or one-time contributions.)
  • Donate online using our Seventh Tradition page.