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Coastal Bend Intergroup


The Mission of the Coastal Bend Intergroup Association is to provide the vital 1st contact to the alcoholic seeking help.  The CBIA Office must be maintained for the benefit of those still suffering.  Of primary importance to this goal, the CBIA office is to establish a 24-hour telephone help-line, print meeting schedules, and maintain a 12-step list whereby AA Groups and individuals are enabled to conduct 12-Step calls which are essential to the growth of AA in the Coastal Bend Area.

Services Provided
  • Maintains an office which is open Monday Through Friday from 07:30AM to 11:30AM & 1:30PM to 05:30PM.
  • Provides information and referrals for A.A. inquiries.
  • Maintains a 12 Step listing and calls individuals for 12 Step work.
  • Provides an A.A. listing in the Telephone directory.
  • Provides a 24 hour volunteer phone answering during hours office is closed.
  • Publishes meeting schedules of all groups in the Coastal Bend Area at no charge.
  • Publishes a monthly newsletter, the “Coastal Bender”, to keep A.A. members informed of local A.A. affairs and special events.
  • Purchases and sells “CONFERENCE APPROVED’ literature, and non-conference approved Anniversary Medallions, Sobriety Chips.
  • Conducts monthly Trustee meetings. All members of Alcoholics Anonymous are welcome; Group Input is essential.
  • Conducts Quarterly Meetings to keep groups apprised of Intergroup activities, and to seek group participation in CBIA affairs.
  • Maintains service committees for service work in the Coastal Bend Area.